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About Us

The Fruit Nation

Known as the best fruit tea destination in Adelaide! We want to make drinking Fun Tea a joyful experience for everyone.


We care about making drinks that are great tasting and healthy by giving you the option to adjust your sugar and ice levels.


We pride ourselves in using the freshest local produce to make each drink.

Options galore

Over 40 choices of drinks. There will definitely be something for everyone!

Creative combinations

We experiment with ingredients to produce some imaginative drinks with flavours to match.

Handmade toppings

Add texture to your drink by choosing from our extensive selection of handmade toppings.

Healthy, delicious

and a good time!

Fun Tea opened its first shop in Adelaide in 2016 and has quickly won the heart of bubble tea lovers in Adelaide and became a trendy bubble tea spot in town, loved. It is known as the best fruit tea destination in Adelaide.
At every new shop opening, this cult-favourite bubble tea chain attracted hours lines up, and now has xx store in South Australia.
Fun Tea is proud to use the freshest local produce and offers a great variety of fruit tea selections, each fruit tea is made with freshly squeezed fruit juice and daily brewed high-purity tea base. You can also find extensive selections of milk tea and popular cheese foam tea on the menu.
Fun tea envisions to bring the most fashionable way of enjoying tea that encompasses great taste and good health.
Its famous 1L mega fruit tea series packs a punch, they are loaded with fresh fruit (vitamin c) and finely brewed tea, a fruit party for the eye and belly. they even come with a fork, so customers can enjoy a fruit salad after finishing sipping the delicious tea.
Fun tea is fun and creative, the team never stops creating new seasonal drinks, from slushies to yogurt infused drinks.
Fun tea selections are healthy, and you can request to adjust sugar and ice-level.
Fun Tea makes each cup of tea with care and no detail is overlooked, including the ambiance of each of our meticulously designed locations. Fun Tea focuses on customers’ taste and visit experiences, inspiring customers’ emotional resonance.